So we had a project in astronomy to sell a constellation that had to include a rubric full of requirements. This is what my best friend submitted instead.. He got an A.

this is chaos


I always get uncomfortable looking at the watermelon jelly bean.

Red jelly flesh, blushing visibly under the green candy coated skin. Darkened sugarmeat. Vulnerable. A bean one could dissect, an internal and external anatomy.

Between my fingers, it’s so naked. I could score its shellac skin, pop its innards clean out. When I crush it between my teeth, it is mangled. I devour its broken, melting corpse: gobby with spit.

It is not healthy to be this aware of one’s jelly bean




heteronormativity is genderbending main characters just to permit non-platonic interactions between the characters.

i’m looking at you, elementary.

that’s really cute how you dismiss the importance of replacing a white male literary icon with a woman of color and ignore how much pride people have in joan to say she only exists to bang someone she hasn’t kissed, come close to kissing, or come close to even wanting to kiss in nearly 2 entire seasons

no seriously

a d o r a b l e



dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 


sometimes i forget i’m not actually friends with some of you and i start to reply to your text posts and i have to stop myself

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grimelius replied to your post: someone asked yahoo answers four years…

they’re asking you how many people lived in a city without specifiying the city? weird.

i think she means how many people lived in cities, like what percentage of the population is urbanized

someone asked yahoo answers four years ago for help on the exact same homework i have today



I strongly identify with wood elves because I too like to drink wine and talk about how men are failing

hey everyone thirty and older:

did you know that you’re older than most of the people on earth?


you catch a lot of flies with honey, but you catch more honeys being fly

Anonymous said:

Mormon anon again! I know my family would still love me regardless of my choice. I feel they might be, my dad more so, disappointed ultimately. But I can't take the church any longer. I hear it is a rough process for many, like you stated about your mental health, and that you'll probably lose some friendships through the church. I'm scared of those, mostly. I do have a good non-member support group helping & it's very nice to hear your side, also.

do you still live with your parents? what id recommend is sitting down to chat with everyone you think might be severely emotionally affected by your leaving (family, close friends) and telling them about your decision, and then to just stop going. that’s pretty much what i did, but at the time i didn’t have any friends in the church besides my own family.

Anonymous said:

Hi! I followed you originally for your art and I learned quickly that your family was Mormon and you did not associate with the church anymore. I have been my entire life and I've always renounced it. I've vaguely brought it up to my parents, but they forgot. I'm trying to figure out how to come out, per se, to them and say I no longer want to be in the church. I'd also like to be removed from the records. I'm scared, but I know I have to.

well, it’d be hard for me to give you advice because i don’t know your family. it really all depends on your family. do you think they’ll still accept you and love you if you do? if so, go for it. but please keep their feelings in mind, though.

do you think they WON’T accept you and love you if you do? that is tougher. i was convinced i wouldn’t be welcome in my house anymore if i left the church. i thought i wouldn’t ever be allowed to speak to my brothers. it was easily the hardest thing i’ve done in my life. i had come to a decision to leave the church (and come out of the closet, in the more traditional sense), but i was in a really bad place mentally and the stress of having to make such a major life decision ended up putting me in the psych ward.

if you think your parents might not accept you after this, i’d line up a place to stay with a friend.

ultimately, if you don’t believe in the church, being a member is going to make you miserable. it’ll be hell. so i’d recommend leaving regardless of how your family feels, but you’ll have to approach the situation differently depending on how they feel.

i ended up removing my records about 2 years after i left the church, although i wanted to do it immediately. i asked my parents how to do it and they wouldn’t tell me.

Anonymous said:

In Finland mandatory years 1-9 are completely free. For high school you have to buy books but the school and food are still free. College/uni level you have to buy everything yourself and food is not free but cheap (~3€/meal). Starting from HS you can get basic student benefit which is at most 200€ per month (depends on your household income and whether you live at home or not) you can get another ~200€ for rent and you can take essentially free student loan 400€/month backed by government.

/peers at finland over north american contient, atlantic ocean and most of europe



Everybody has stupid shit to say on Christian holidays. Atheists, Christians, whoever. I’m taking all of you off my Facebook feed. Especially people using the term “fairy tale”. Shut the hell up.

Honestly the actual stories that the original holidays are based off of are just as silly sounding.  Please don’t be rude or disrespectful to people that are just saying “Yay, Jesus died for our sins” on Facebook.  If you wanna post educational shit, fine, but don’t put people down for just celebrating their religion.

i’m not sure if this is addressed to me or not

Everybody has stupid shit to say on Christian holidays. Atheists, Christians, whoever. I’m taking all of you off my Facebook feed. Especially people using the term “fairy tale”. Shut the hell up.