although i wish i was farsighted instead of nearsighted because then i would only need my glasses occasionally and i could just buy my glasses in any drugstore or grocery store for like $2 instead of $200 with another total eye exam every year and needing them 100% of the time

and i wouldn’t have to worry about prescription sunglasses and the awkwardness of watching 3D movies

for those of you who’ve never needed glasses, that really is what poor vision looks like and the difference glasses make

i was trying to take a picture of some print, but my phone camera isn’t good close-up

and then i remembered my human biology lab kit was across the table, and it had a pocket retractable magnifying glass, which i fished out of the box and put over the camera lens and the difference was amazing

it turns out my camera just needed reading glasses


I’d be such a good girlfriend you’re all missing out

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this isnt even that funny really but i laughed by 208,882 plays


Anatomical Ceramic Sculptures by Mexican artist Maria Garcia-Ibanez.

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OH YA i will be moving soon, me & my coworker got approved for housing and we’re signing a lease next week C:

Anonymous said:

do you play world of warcraft?

i have a wow account but i haven’t played in many years and also i only played for like 5 minutes

i leave for an hour and i gain 100 followers



My dad just came into my room and shouted at me in Klingon.

Am I more embarrassed that he did that or that I know he said I was a disappointment to the empire?

You should be most embarrassed that you’re a disappointment to the empire.

i wish my clothes changed sizes along with me

lolitajohnadams said: 

brother i have known you for at least three years and this is the first time i’ve heard your voice

well to rectify that i picked up the closest book and read a paragraph


*walks into starbucks* lemme get uh spaghetti bolognese macchiato

"sir we don’t serve that"

don’t bullshit me i saw the secret menu on instagram

Dark Horse by Ten Second Songs
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last selfie i promise