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About seborrhea: I had it as well and the best way to combat it is, as you've said, to keep the hair short, but also there are some very good shampoos/hair products which could help a great lot. By the time I've started using them, I've already lost 1/3 of my hair, but it took me about 2 months to cure it, and I had to regularly cut my hair, but I just know how much it can suck. Also, do you know which type of seborrhea you have?

i don’t know which type i have actually, but i know it’s actually chronic with me and it’s more that i haven’t “cured” it, only that i’m not experiencing symptoms. i’ve had it my whole life.

i was constantly losing handfuls of hair, but luckily i had so much hair that it didn’t really affect my appearance. 

as for shampoos and hair products, i actually didn’t try very many things to fix it or even go to a dermatologist because i was a severely depressed teenager who didn’t have enough energy to care about her health or appearance. i guess my mom did take me to a dermatologist once or twice, but for someone with multiple skin diseases that is a very insufficient amount of times…

i tried smearing hydrocortisone cream into my scalp (or at least the most inflamed parts), which seemed to work, but it leaves the hair very crusty, so i only did it when i had particularly bad sores. i tried using tar shampoo too, and that seemed to work well. although i didn’t use it as often as i should because a) it smells horrible, and b) coal tar is carcinogenic so i was nervous about that

i recently bought selsun blue, but i’m not currently experiencing any symptoms so i don’t know how well it works

but it seemed like the best solution for me is keeping my hair clipped very short (shaved is the best), or to blow-dry it immediately after taking a shower

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you are super cute with and without glasses 10/10 would be your girlfriend

oh anon you know just what to say ;)

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May I ask what skin disease you have? And what dietary rules you are following? I have psoriasis and dermatitis, and I'm really curious about what your doing .

i have dermatitis too (atopic and seborrhoeic, as well as dishydrosis), and i’ve gone off gluten and dairy. i’m not sure if gluten affects it, but i KNOW that dairy does. i once accidentally drank an odwalla full of milk protein (i slipped up and didn’t read the ingredients) and the next day there were blisters all over my hands.

also to combat the seborrhea, i either have to keep my hair very, very short, or i have to blow-dry it every day (to keep moisture from lingering on my scalp)

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Wow A+++ cutie with and without glasses and seconding that one anon that your skin is really gorgeous!! any quick skincare tips if you have any?

thank you! my skin tips are probably more helpful for people with inflammatory skin diseases, or skin inflammation, but:

i don’t use any skin creams with perfumes or scents, and i don’t use lotions (water-based). i use hydrocortisone cream on my skin immediately after i shower to prevent inflammation, although overuse of it can be bad for the skin (i think the max they can sell is 1% anyway). this cream also prevents my skin from drying out, but i’m not sure why that is. i don’t think it’s recommended that you use it if your skin is normal because it weakens the skin (and i’ll probably develop wrinkles more quickly than i would have because of it).

i’m not a dermatologist, so my tips for normal people are based on vague knowledge of how skin works: SUNSCREEN!!! uv radiation is bad! it can cause cancer, and too much sun exposure will give you wrinkles (although don’t stay out of the sun completely. you need vitamin d!) also make sure you have plenty of vitamin a (carrots!!!!)! using soap will strip your skin surface of natural oils and will dry your skin out

acne is often hormone-related (which is why a lot of people undergoing puberty or hrt get acne) so there’s not much i can say about that other than try to wait it out, and take care of your skin in the mean time.

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thjis is probably going to sound weird but i like your lip shape its really nice !!

thank you! i like to think that my lips would have been in vogue in the early 20th century :)

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you're incredibly good looking and you have really nice skin!! I've never seen a picture of you before, but wow are you pretty

ahhh thank you!

i’m extremely meticulous about skincare because ive spent most of my life with skin disease, and since ive learned to control it with diet, it just left me with really good habits

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why do you hate your job :(

my manager has scheduled my department so badly the last month or so that we’re constantly in crisis and i’m panicking because of it :(

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You and your art is hella

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You had so many sources for that conversation and all they had was 'he good musician must be good person. No hit Yoko, make love 2 Yoko. Peace 4ever.' I've lost brain cells trying to read their responses.

and i try

oh my god do i try



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Dealing with fans who will remain blind to any legitimate criticisms of their favourite celebrity is really hard... I really feel sorry for you for dealing with obnoxious fans who are willing to defend some dead man's disgusting behaviour :/

it’s like talking to a brick wall of willful ignorance

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Nah man having an intelligent discussion (or "debate") doesn't mean you ignore the other person's sources and passively deny them just because they happen to not be aligned with your opinions. An intelligent discussion have two people listening and accepting each other's arguments, even if you don't agree with them. Also, John Lennon's domestic abuse is a matter of fact, not an opinion you can discuss or not. Is a serious issue.

i cannot fucking deal with john lennon fans. the moment they try to defend the dude’s physical abuse is the moment i realize i’m talking into a void

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this sounds terrible but I just don't care. I'm glad he got murdered. it's one shitbag less

domestic abuse is horrible and he should have been in jail, but it doesn’t deserve capital punishment

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what a world jeez

makes me mad

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but I haven't seen it anywhere, and no one ever told me. I don't know it's something that a lot of people should know since it is something really fucked up about a guy who sang about peace and who is such a myth

yeah, i’m saying that no one ever passes this info along because they don’t think it’s important, hence why no one seems to know about it

the guy was an asshole who should have been in jail, but he wrote pretty music and said nice things