Anonymous said:

how are your feet feelin today?

they still ache and hurt but i’ll try to power through it…i wanted to call in but they actually called me at home and said it was ok for me to clock in early (“and if you want to work later on the weekend, that’s ok too!” even though i’m already working MORE than full shifts on the weekend) so it’s clear if i called out they’d be in a serious bind

Anonymous said:

try elevating your feet! that might dull the pain and let the blood flow out


Anonymous said:

you are very very very very cute and i would cuddle with you all the time if i was not on the east coast!

awww thank you anon 8)))

Anonymous said:

I know something about horses

i just know their teeth are gross because they dont have enamel on the outside????

Anonymous said:

I'm sorry you're feeling sick :( if it's anything like what I had, you might be puking for the entire day. Just get as much sleep as you can and take small sips of water every once in a while so you have something to puke. Hurts when it's nothing. ;(

i dont think its an illness i think my bodys just trying to purge itself from this gross meat i ate

but i am gulping down water to ease the burning in my throat

Anonymous said:

Vancouver Island is having a ridiculous heat wave too. Goooo west coast


Anonymous said:

Aren't you whoring yourself out a bit much?

more than usual, yes

Anonymous said:

How do you handle all the social contact stuff for your job? I just wanted to know what it's been like for you, since I think you said earlier you had some social phobia type stuff (me too). I got fired once because I couldn't handle the people, ugh.

i’ve found one thing that helps is that dumb old cliche “fake it till you make it”

it really helps my confidence if i act a character, in this case i try to act a “sociable, competent customer service representative”, like a part in a play

if i can pretend i’m not presenting myself, rather presenting a front, a character, then i feel less vulnerable

i still get serious anxiety problems and will have meltdowns but at least i can do my job that way

in other situations i can’t figure out what character to play so my social anxiety affects me a lot worse outside of my job, what character do you play when someone accosts you at starbucks and asks to see your art? i was shaking for hours after that incident…

Anonymous said:

so how much does J Scott Campbell and Rob Liefield anger you? when it comes to anatomy i mean.

Rob Liefeld doesn’t really anger me, I just kinda like to poke fun at him. J SCOT CAMPBELL ON THE OTHER HAND…well doesn’t really anger me a lot. Just a little. I have more constructive things to be angry about. Like that guy who made me call over a manager to open my till because he refused to accept the Canadian penny I gave him, saying it was worthless and he wanted another.

Anonymous said:

i love how excited you are about all these cute little teacups and plates! it makes me really happy to see you like this :) i hope you can go back sometime and get a few things!!!


and teacups especially, theyre so cute i am very picky about them

Anonymous said:

hey maybe you could try not to pull your hair, i started doing that when i got anxiety attacks a few years ago and it got sooo bad cause then i started doing it when i wasnt nervous and before i knew it the entire left side of my head was bald and it took a long time to grow back and it was really hard to stop. please take care of yourself. i hope you are okay.

i dont do it too terribly often cause i dont get panic attacks too often

Anonymous said:

Remember to breathe, lovely. Drink water. Wrap yourself in a big, fuzzy blanket. Everything will be alright. <3 Open a window and take a few more big breaths. Think positive thoughts. Remember that there is plenty of time in this world, and that right now, this time is for yourself. Keep breathing, lovely. You are loved. You are talented. You are beautiful. In and out, in and out, keep breathing.

thank you

Anonymous said:

You may be 'stimming'! It's something common in certain people, and the most common form is self-harm. There are many less harmful ways to address this. I just saw a post about picking the rubbery tops off the inside of bottle caps; this helps a lot of people! Other methods include holding ice, using markers to draw on yourself, and playing with especially textured things!

what ife been dooing is pulling my hair to disract me from my panic it helps in the moment

Anonymous said:

A small, fluffy cat pads up to your foot and touches your ankle. "We love you, Dredsie! Don't hurt yourself!" It curls up in your lap and purrs frantically while rubbing against your arms.

pets cat

Anonymous said:

This is a different Anon. Personally I think any aggression you showed was justified and completely within an acceptable level for the situation. What they did was rude and uncalled for, but I think you still remained pretty calm about it while firmly making your point. Good job. You handled the situation as well as anyone likely could have.

thanks! i still don’t entirely have my mind wrapped around positive assertiveness, i’m never sure if i’m going too far or if i’m not going far enough…